Scent Sample Packs; Find Your New Favorite Blend with Our Scent Sample Packs

Find Your New Favorite Blend with Our Scent Sample Packs

Are you someone who hates buying something, trying it once, and then stashing it away never to be used again? If so, you have likely decided to make smarter purchasing decisions, and want to be entirely sure you will get the most value out of whatever it is you are about to buy. One way you can still try something new without much risk is to try one of AromaTech’s scent sample packs, that allow you to test a variety of essential oil blends so that you have a better chance of finding the ideal aroma for your home scenting or aromatherapeutic needs.

Each scent sample pack includes a variety of our popular essential oil and aroma blends, such as The Hotel or our White Tea & Thyme. Many of our blends also have potentially useful aromatherapeutic benefits, such as our Breathe Easy eucalyptus and peppermint blend that can help clear your head and ease your worried mind. Instead of ordering each blend separately and trying it out one at a time, which could be potentially costlier and take significantly more time, you’ll have an assortment at your disposal to quickly peruse. Once you’ve found your perfect match, you’ll be able to order a regular refill size to use with whatever AromaTech diffuser you currently use.

All our essential oil blends are 100 percent pure and cold-pressed to preserve their integrity best so that you can enjoy their scent in its richest, full-body form. Also, our products are Vegan and non-GMO, meaning you can purchase any oil blends with a guilt-free conscience. So, go ahead and try something new—you may be pleasantly surprised at what you’ll find in these convenient sample-size packs.


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