Ayurveda and Aromatherapy

Ayurveda and Aromatherapy By Margi Macdonald What is Ayurveda? Ayurveda is the science of life which was first understood by the Vedic Rishis - or Seers - of ancient India at least 4000 years ago. The Seers observed life and the universe and described this system of understanding which was subsequently handed down through the generations. The … Continue reading Ayurveda and Aromatherapy


What is Aromatherapy?

WHAT IS AROMATHERAPY? Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils from plants for healing. Although the word “aroma” makes it sound as if the oils are inhaled, they can also be massaged into the skin or -- rarely -- taken by mouth. You should never take essential oils by mouth without specific instruction from a … Continue reading What is Aromatherapy?

Safety When Using Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a very old healing art using essential oils, which was used by the Chinese as early as in 4,000 B.C. In all probability, the Chinese were the first to make use of essential oils for remedial purposes. It is also known that the ancient Egyptians used aromatics during their rituals as well as for … Continue reading Safety When Using Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy Healing ~ Aromatic Research

Aromatherapy can help a person to cope with psychological issues, from depression and anxiety to poor memory. That something as noninvasive as natural fragrances can affect our thoughts is quite exciting. Medical researchers hope someday to treat a number of conditions, including Alzheimer's disease and memory disorders, with fragrance. This idea is not as far … Continue reading Aromatherapy Healing ~ Aromatic Research

Aromatherapy Healing ~ The Emotions

The fragrance captures the attention: the sweet smell of a rose, the enticing aroma of a freshly baked cinnamon apple cake, the appealing scent of a cup of warm peppermint tea, the pleasing fragrance of your favorite perfume. Just the word "aromatherapy" conjures up intriguing images, and with good reason. As much as we take … Continue reading Aromatherapy Healing ~ The Emotions