If aromatherapy is a frequently misunderstood profession then the specialization of aromatic medicine is so out there we could be discussing Xeno botany here. But we're not talking about plant life on other planets, this is a unique branch of botanical medicine that employs volatile aromatic plant extracts in internal dose forms. What is Aromatic Medicine? … Continue reading AROMATIC MEDICINE: INTERNAL DOSING OF ESSENTIAL OILS


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If you are not familiar with clay toothpaste it might seem like ‘clay’ and ‘toothpaste’ are two words that should not be combined.  And, yes, when brushing with clay toothpaste your mouth is full of clay!  But, like so many things in life, all is not as it seems.  What is actually happening when you brush with Bentonite clay, is that you will have the cleanest feeling teeth and mouth you have ever felt.

There are quite a few varieties on the market as well as tons of DIY recipes on line ( which are mostly very simple ).  Earthpaste is probably the most popular and easy to find, but I prefer Uncle Harry’s in the jar (pictured) which is also quite popular and available at Urban Outfitters.


This is the one I am currently using and really like it.  You can buy it on their website.  This one…

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Produce Cleaning Spray

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Are you concerned about the chemicals and wax found on produce that you purchase from the grocery store? Many people just quickly rinse their produce with water, but that doesn’t necessarily clean the fruit or vegetable. This produce cleaning spray can not only help you get your produce clean, but may also help extend the life of your fruits and vegetables. As an additional bonus, your fruits and vegetables will already be washed when you need to grab a snack quickly, so it will be more convenient to eat something healthy!


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Spring Cleaning Blend

As winter begins shifting towards spring and the days grow longer, the natural world slowly awakens to a lively buzz of excitement. Similarly, we find ourselves emerging from the quietude and slumber of wintertime to greet the invigorating spirit of spring. The cold, damp heaviness of winter can leave us feeling sluggish and melancholy, so … Continue reading Spring Cleaning Blend